Welcome to my site and the things I do.

Ideas taken to a place to become something a little more…

My name is Lachlan McLean. I work in events and spend my weekends working on all things #eventtech and product. Let's connect?

I have been inspired to create, learn and innovate by Tim Ferris. His podcast and books, ‘The 4-hour work week’ & ‘Tools of Titans’, have helped me to control my mindset, understand my thoughts and act on these ideas.
Thanks Tim

While in the process of ‘making’ I have become a regular visitor to the website called Indie Hackers. Indie Hackers is a community of indie entrepreneurs discussing insights and challenges while developing ideas online. Being able to learn from others and understand that failure is part of the journey has been monumental in the development stage of my ideas.
Thanks Courtland

It took me a trip around the Caribbean on Amaroo in February 2019 to finally work out how on earth I was going to turn my ideas into a website/product without 1. Learning code 2. Hiring a coder to build me a website  3. Finding a Co-founder.
The answer was #nocode.

Through spending time on Indie Hackers and Twitter I came across the ability to build pretty much whatever I wanted without writing a single line of code. I am a regular visitor and member of Maker Pad which has provided me with most of the answers I need to finally make shit happen.
Thanks Ben

My goal is to turn this passion into a career. I am in the process of making this a reality. This site is built on carrd and has some of my work scatted across the pages.
Thanks for visiting.